Marina de Albufeira Environmental Policy

Marina de Albufeira's main objective is to guarantee a high quality service to its customers, integrating concern for environmental preservation into its development strategy.

This issue is particularly relevant in its relationship with the sea, a vital resource for future generations that must be preserved.

To this end, it defined its Environmental Policy with the following commitments:

  • Prevent forms of pollution and reduce significant environmental impacts associated with marina activity.

  • Safeguard the rational use of water and energy resources and promote proper waste management, focusing on its recovery.

  • Establish and periodically review environmental objectives and procedures, promoting the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

  • Comply with the applicable environmental requirements defined by the legislation in force and respective updates, and other requirements that the marina subscribes to.

  • Involving and training employees and the community in general, making them aware of the importance of adopting good environmental preservation practices.

Marina de Albufeira Environmental Team

A distinguished work

Minimizing the environmental impact has been, since the beginning, one of the priorities of Marina de Albufeira. This concern has been acknowledged several times.

In 2008, obtained Environmental Certification under the ISO 14001 standard. In this context, we also highlight the Blue Flag award in 2023, for the twentieth consecutive year.

This award is given every year to marinas that dedicate special attention to the good management of facilities and services, with regard to the environment, nature, safety, water quality, and also the information they provide to their users, attesting the good environmental practices since the opening of Albufeira Marina de Albufeira.

The importance of flying the blue flag on your vessel

The 'Blue Flag Campaign' is managed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) which, in Portugal, is represented by the ABBAE - Blue Flag Association for Environment and Education.

This initiative aims to protect the environment and in particular the marine and river environment in marinas and beaches.

Following the Conduct criteria for Vessels, you can become a member of the 'Blue Flag Campaign' and thus contribute to cleaner oceans and rivers. By flying the blue flag on your vessel, you show your commitment to these purposes.

Environmental conduct

For the environment protection

Marina de Albufeira, aware of its role in contributing to a sustainable future, provides the necessary equipment and means to guarantee the preservation and protection of the environment.

It is essential that everyone participate and contribute through the following actions:

  • Place the garbage in the appropriate containers: glass in the green container; cardboard and paper on blue container ; packaging in yellow container.

  • Use the bins to put dirty papers or garbage that cannot be valued.

  • Use the existing containers next to the promenade to place the garbage bags from the boats.

  • Do not throw rubbish on the floor or in the water.

  • Use the oil and hazardous waste containers existing next to the nautical workshops to place all hazardous waste.

  • Use the specific areas in the marina's nautical workshops to carry out all washing and repair operations, obeying all the rules established on site.

  • Do not discharge garbage, waste water or other polluting substances in the marina, along the coast or into the sea.

  • Use the means and equipment available at Marina de Albufeira.

  • Don't waste water or energy.

  • When passing protected areas, redouble environmental care, as navigation is prohibited within the limits of protected areas.

Waste reception and management plan